Rainer Scheurenbrand in Concert

za 31-07-2021 / 20:00 - 22:00

De Mi Selva Tour 2021

Op 31 juli geeft de virtuoze gitarist en singer/songwriter Rainer Scheurenbrand een prachtig concert in de Dominicuskerk in Amsterdam.

Zijn muziek, ook wel medicine music genoemd, raakt diep in het hart en opent de poorten naar de ziel. Het is een ode aan de natuur waar we als mens deel van zijn. Pure schoonheid.

“You are here to discover the mystery of your being” Rainer Scheurenbrand

Ivm de Corona maatregelen is er beperkt plek. (150 mensen maximaal)

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2006 Rainer Scheurenbrand published his first solo album „Jardim“, that was recorded in Rio de Janeiro.
Before that he was well known as a classical guitar player. Studied chamber music and classical guitar at the University for Music in Hannover, published 2 CDs with the Greek singer Theodora Baka, he won various prizes in the classical world followed by concerts In Europe, Russia, Israel and the United States.

This was the beginning of finding his own voice, the expressions of his soul. Investigating about thy mystery of life he was drawn to look behind the curtain and started to travel, moved to Brazil for two years and began his second life journey from there.

His music touches many hearts and souls, she already became part of many lives and gave strength and support for many listeners around the planet.

Brilliant harmonies, virtuos guitar playing, melodies of pure beauty inspire the heart with artistic elegance. His songs talk about spirituality, nature and love.

Without any promotion, a record company or big social media trombones his albums „Jardim“, „Viento Bueno“, „Diosana“ „Its a Boonie“ and his latest creation „De mi Selva“ are well listened worldwide.