Welcome to DominicusAmsterdam

The Church of Saint Dominic is an ecumenical community, originating from a Roman Catholic tradition.

Since 1964, after the second Vatican Council, fundamental changes have taken place. Over the years a new kind of liturgy has been developed, which derives its inspiration from the texts of contemporary writers and theologians like Huub Oosterhuis, Juut Meijer, Sieds Prins, Pieter van Hooff, Mirjam Wolthuis, Erik Borgman and Gerard Swüste and the music of Bernard Huijbers, Thom Jansen, Tom Löwenthal, Mariëtte Harinck, Paul Valk and Antoine Oomen.

In our services much attention is given to the preaching. The team of pastors responsible for the services seek to deepen and to clarify the fundamental issues of man and society, starting from the jewish-christian tradition. In the composition of the liturgy an attempt is made to stress the community-orientated character of our services.

Children are involved as much as possible and a crèche is available for the very small.

Welcome: Sunday at 11 o’clock